Infrastructure Management Outsourcing

With reducing budgets and the need to keep pace with constant change, virtualization provides a powerful alternative solution for delivering cost effective IT services. By running your software in a virtual environment you gain a level of flexibility and control not possible with a traditional hardware based solution. At the same time you are also able to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly ‘green’ solutions. Working with a range of suppliers we offer complete support throughout the process of building a virtual infrastructure. Including a full assessment of your server and desktop network, we ensure that it delivers the reductions in operational costs you need, as well as making sure it works effectively through a process of continuous improvement and assessment. Digitribe approach also helps you free up data center space so you can provide additional business services and reduce cost.

Operation Transformation:

Having robust service management processes is key to the effective delivery of your IT services. Not only do they need to be documented, understood and implemented within the operational environment, they must be reviewed and improved on a regular basis, as requirements change. In addition, in today’s multi-vendor environments they play an important part in integrating and coordinating the activities of each of your IT suppliers.

From service and process review to deployment, Digitribe service management consultants use an ITIL based approach, allowing us to benchmark where you are and to measure the impact of the improvements that you need to make. Not only can we help you plan and design what you need to do, we work with you to put in place all the necessary changes. We offer monitoring services that can assist you in measuring and optimizing your business service and business process management deployments, which will in turn help you to understand your end-to-end service model, manage operational change and improve the service you deliver. Of course, we can also provide support in your business-as-usual operations.

Consolidation and virtualization solutions can save up to 30% of operational IT costs and reduce space requirements by 50%

Operations Management:

With IT at the heart of a successful modern business, keeping it safe and delivering a high quality service is paramount. Your users simply expect it to be working all the time to do their jobs. For you this puts an increasing pressure on your limited budget and the staff resources you have available. The pace of change also means you may not have the range of skills you need in-house, restricting your ability to develop your network for the future.

At Digitribe we offer a range of operations management services, outlined opposite, that free up your people to manage and develop your IT infrastructure. From maintaining your end user’s desktop to keeping your systems secure, our services give you the cost savings you need, along with the flexibility to deliver the customer service your organization expects.

Desktop Services:

Covering the complete PC lifecycle, our range of offshore and remote desktop management services ensures that you continue to give your users the service they are looking for, while you focus on building for the future. From design to deployment, you benefit from reduced costs and more effective control of your IT estate, allowing you to meet the needs of your business, free from issues caused by dealing with multiple equipment vendors.

You can achieve cost savings of up to 30% with our desktop services.
Proactive monitoring of your network and server estate can improve productivity by up to 20%.

Security Services:

From implementation of information security management systems to secure disposal, our

Experience enables us to offer you a full range of security services. With many fully qualified expert consultants in Asia, we are seen as a leader in this field and can deliver a solution that keeps your organization safe and secure.

System Services

Using a scalable approach to monitor and manage the operation of your servers and networks, our remote infrastructure management service, based in our English speaking facility, can provide you with the problem alert notifications and performance statistics you need to ensure your IT always delivers the performance you need. Not only does this mean lower costs, it also ensures that end users remain productive, and any disruption is kept to a minimum.

Some example services:

  • Remote Services (NOC)
  • Other Network Services
  • Help Desk Support
  • Server Maintenance
  • Mail Server Maintenance
Clients who have used our remote infrastructure management service have saved up to 50%

Our service desk has access to a range of management tools allowing them to provide your users with an immediate resolution to many common IT problems on the first call so minimizing their downtime. This frees up your in-house teams and, with monthly management reports on service performance provided, gives you the insight you need to understand the areas you need to invest in.

Filling your in-house skill gaps can be a problem, so our support services provide you with a range of end to end design, consultancy and technical expertise. With access to the best resources available, we ensure you have the right expertise across your IT projects, Giving you the flexible and cost effective approach you need, and enabling you to deliver your critical projects on time and in the most effective way. We can help you transform the way you protect your data, minimizing cost and allowing you to plan for the future. A mix of consolidation, virtualization and the adoption of best practice standards in our data centers safeguard your organization’s valuable information, either in a hosted environment, or at your premises.

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