Red Hat Satellite 6.2.8 Beta Now Available for Testing

Red Hat Satellite 6.2.8 Beta

Red Hat announced the general availability of Red Hat Satellite 6.2.8 Beta for testing purposes. Red Hat Satellite 6.0 included a redesigned product architecture to manage new types of content on a wide variety of platforms, including bare-metal, private, and public clouds.Red Hat Satellite 6.2.8 Beta

Satellite 6.2 continues to build on that release and features the following:

Increase Efficiency with Automated Workflows

Satellite 6.2 introduces remote execution, automating workflows and enabling users to take multiple actions against groups of systems, such as rebooting a system after a patch install or conduct rolling upgrades across hundreds of systems as easily as one. Users can easily build a script library, share scripts and share repeatable workflows, enabling less experienced administrators to execute complex workflows. In addition, users can schedule tasks and use new dashboards for enhanced interaction with systems under management.

Increase Security in Disconnected Environments

Satellite 6.2 provides the ability to synchronize and export content from one Satellite to another, especially useful for organizations that require their systems management solution to run disconnected from the internet for security purposes.

More Flexible Provisioning

Discovery enhancements in Satellite simplify the process of building systems and allow end users to more efficiently provision systems in secured environments where DHCP and PXE may not be available.

Capsule visibility

The Red Hat Satellite Capsule user interface provides much deeper insight into the health of the Capsule, such as what services are running and their status, from the centralized Satellite console.

Ability to Import existing hosts

Satellite 6.2 features new scripts and automation to import existing Red Hat infrastructure hosts that may reside on any Red Hat systems management platform, including Red Hat Satellite 5.x. This bootstrap script automates the process of registering systems to Satellite, dramatically reducing the number of steps required to get existing systems ready to be managed by Red Hat Satellite.