Why Now is the Perfect Time to Adopt Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Virtualization in any IT organization is implemented to improve efficiency, free up resources and cut costs. No organization can afford to sacrifice performance, security and existing investments. And as you plan for future technologies like cloud and containers, it’s important to build common services that use your virtualization investment while avoiding vendor lock-in. So what if you could virtualize both your servers and workstations, manage them from 1 simple interface, and build a foundation for future technologies on your terms—without compromise?Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Many organizations are now ready to move to next generation of server hardware. The time of popular Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge chipsets is now gone and those who purchased such hardware tend to refresh their equipment every four to five years. Organizations who are dependent upon current proprietary virtualization technologies have many unanswered questions.  For example, will organizations continue to receive the same experiences in terms of customer support, innovation, and product experience?  Questions like these have prompted organizations to investigate their vendor relationships and partnership strategies so as to ensure that they have a sure footed pathway ahead. With this mix of market conditions – the inevitable need for a hardware refresh, the associated expiration of expensive, proprietary virtualization solutions, and the uncertain future related to a potentially significant market consolidation – know that Red Hat is ready, willing, and able to step up and help organizations to better understand how an open source approach to solving the challenges of enterprise virtualization can be a low cost path towards a more certain future.